Roka Plast Plastic Industries

Our Mission

Work hard and confident for the production and development of plastic industry leadership and connections to use water because our goal is a local product global specifications while maintaining the outstanding level of quality

Our Vision

To have us leadership in integrated production of plastic industries modern systems within the Arab world and Africa and to be superior and products best prices

Who we are

Integrated team of trained personnel who were chosen with great care to share a commitment to high performance in the form of product – manufacturing – installation-after sales service – and have the strongest network of clients within the Arabic Republic of Egypt


Seeking to win customers’ trust and achieve satisfaction and maintain them

Access to be a leading company in the Arab world and Africa

Working continuously to provide everything new and modern and distinguished and security in the field of production of plastic industries

Improve the level of employees to achieve the objectives of the company


Employees: They are the intellectual capital and the main engine of institutional performance

Accountability: The right / client / employee to defend his rights and claim them

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